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Saturday, May 7


I was driving today, and thinking about how much I love the word 'again'. Being a writer, words inspire me... especially great ones. As I was heading out for a decently long drive, I was thinking of a conversation I had with a guy at work a couple of months ago. We were discussing four wheeling in the woods and I asked him why his Jeep had this huge roll cage looking thing just over the radiator. His answer was 'So I don't crash and roll over and bust the radiator, again'.

See my point? That little word changes everything. Generally, it applies to my high school buddies, and makes everything a little funnier. For example:
Jim got busted for selling beer to minors, again.
Mikey got a DUI right in front of the police station, again.
Doug is in the hospital. He busted his leg with an axe, again.

these events in and of themselves are stark and terrible and not funny. However, with my fun little ad on 'again', it becomes a tale of an idiot who never learns. I am not above it, little soldiers. No sir, I have blown two engines living in Arizona and not being terribly mechanically inclined. For the record, they both involved being smack dam in the middle of the movahe desert when a fatal overheat struck. See, when in the Mohave... there are few choices when the temp needle rises on the engine. Solution? Well, make sure your thermostat works (mine did not, twice... different cars) or simply go about the rest of your adult life with an irrational fear of the Mohave and never visit California again. I am somewhere between the two.


Anonymous DukeDeMondo said...

haha yes, Again is a fantastic word.

9:08 PM  

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