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Thursday, May 5

Friday Fives

1. Do you prefer to be the driver or passenger?

driver, always. I hate passengering because I can never relax. It be come control issue, or that car wreck that killed my whole family in front of my very eyes. Nope, probably just control issues.

2. When you drive somewhere, do you prefer to take the long way or quickest route?

quickest route. I mean, that is why I am going there. In the mountains we'll drive for hours with no destination, but that is a different animal.

3. Do you have road rage?

No worse than yours, really. I have never gotten out of a car to fight or anything like that. I do have an intolerance for bad drivers... but we all do. This reminds me of a qreat quote from George Carlin:
Ever notice anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone driving faster than you is a lunatic?

4. What is the longest road trip you have taken?

Last summer the wife and I took an amazing two week road trip to and from Seattle which included visits and friends in Reno, Tahoe, San Francisco, a tasting tour of wine country, Oregon coast line, a helicopter ride, a Dead show, watching 4th fo July fireworks over the Space Needle in the Puget Sound, Whale watching, Glacier national park./.. too much to explain. It was the best time ever, just us two. Here are pics.

5. What would your reaction be if you were driving and saw an animal run into the road?

slam on the breaks, but keep the car moving perfectly straight. I am not going to fishtale and roll, or swerve into oncoming traffic for a deer. Also, I have a pickup truck so if I even use a turn signal at 70 MPH the thing rolls. I have a push bar up front that will deflect most of the damage.
Be a friend, won't you... and leave your Friday Five responses in the comments field.


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