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Friday, May 20

the Saddam picture incident

So I am finally ready to speak on the Saddam picture floating around. If you don't know the story, see the famous and forbidden photo here. Anoyhow, someone snapped a photo of Saddam in his undies. Everyone is freaked out because this is a breach of his civil rights and bla bla bla. Guess what, by conservative estimates Saddam killed a million people. Correction, a million of his own people. Now we are worried about his rights because of a photograph.

Even though I am a Dem, there is no question about this issue. Fuck Saddam's rights. He is a monster who deserves to die a million deaths... at the hand of his own people. Innocent people are being treated worse at Gitmo. The picture of Saddamn shows he is very healthy and has not been beaten. Frankly that is an endorsement of how well he is being treated. Everyday thousands of Iraqies are dying at our hands because of our beef with Saddam. Now, you are worried about how we treat him? Let's just call off the Iraqi war and kill Hussein. Case closed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no offense but KL who disagrees wiht you? Come on lets find a subject that will get up folks ire like say Kate Moss- Did anyone really find this twig attractive?

10:58 AM  
Blogger Lono said...

interesting bait, but I need meatier subject matter. As for "who would disagree with you", allow me to gently remind you the name of the site.

So how about this. Gimme a good subject and I'll present my views for all to see.


2:00 PM  

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