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Sunday, May 15

These are my hands

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Hello friends, I just wanted to drop a line. My updates will slow for a couple of weeks. Don't worry, there will still be the Friday Fives, and whatever else cheeses me off or inspires me. However, I am having some kind of wrist problems that hurt when I type. This sucks because I work a cubicle job typing all day... then usually come home and write to you.

If you see that picture up there, those are my hands. The picture was taken tonight, and those are wrist guards I have to wear when I type for the next three weeks. We think it isn't Carpal Tunnel, because if it is I am fucked. When I am not jamming out nonsense to you (or for work), I play guitar. I guess the long story is I need to give my wrists a rest (while still maintaining a fierce masturbation schedule). So, I am still here, but my posts will be less in the next three weeks.

There it is. My name is Lono, I am 33... and I totally suck! Thanks for your support, and snickering laughter. I love you.


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