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Tuesday, June 28

Boycott you

Ok, so I was watching some special about Wal Mart on cable the other night. It was a 2 hour thing on everything: the history, the success, the controversy, and the accusations. As you know, I have oft maligned Wal Mart in these pages. I still refuse to shop there. However, Wal Mart isn't to blame in all this. Wal Mart is simply delivering the best possible prices to their customers. That is a company's job - provide maximum value. So, the concern isn't with Wal Mart sending all manufacturing jobs overseas to Asia, crippling the American economy. The reason they do this is so your fat ass can have a ceiling fan for $50.

Long story short > boycott you. That is right, it is YOU who are the problem. You are the one not willing to pay 10 cents extra for that pair of pants. You are the one not willing to shop local, and instead only buy and eat at chain restruaruants. It is you who sit in your backyard and pontificate with your neighbors about the exploitation of women, minorities, and third world countries. Then it is you who heads to the big box store to get that $50 Huffy. Guess what, instead go spend $60 at the local bike shop. That money goes into your tax base, and if everyone in your neighborhood bought from the local dude instead of Wal Mart, local dude could afford to hire your kid. He could also then afford to paint that shitty looking house of his and maybe mow his lawn more than once a year.

If you supported local business, the local merchants wouldn't be out shoplifting and breaking into houses late at night. Maybe my lawn gnomes and flamingoes would still be here if you had supported local business. Maybe my wife wouldn't have left me for a Wal Mart store manager in Parker because he was "clearly more sucessful than you'll ever be!"

My point, there is a chain of events tripped every time you send your money out of your community. Got that, Haji? You're fired, I can type my own blog pieces now! In closing, I still choose not to shop at Wal Mart. Until you make the same choice, I Boycott You!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Provide maximum value"? What kind of BS is that? First, a company's job is to provide profits to the shareholders, who in turn donate huge sums of money to the Good Ol' Party. Second, "Provide maximum value"?! A retailer provides space for products to be sold, and passes on the cost of that space to you. Third, "Provide maximum value"?! For some reason, this vague statement has the same reek of most of the BS right wing slogans polluting airwaves and brainwaves alike. Consult for a list of Progressive companies, small and large alike, to give your business to. Fuck the GOP!!

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Chuck Booty said...

consult Fuck the Right Wing!!

4:25 PM  
Blogger JDTRK2 said...

Wow Walmart Bashing, I could spend all day writing about that subject but then again lets not. I totally agree about supporting the local guys. In this day and age of mail order catalogs, internet shopping and yes the ultra cheap big box stores I do pay a little extra to support some of the local shops that are most important to me. But it would be challenging to try and do all of my shopping that way because the Walmart types have already run them off. For example, Shoes, just sitting here I can't think of a local retailer around here (I usually buy at Famous Footwear).

Oh, Hey, is this where I put my F. the GOP! comment

12:15 PM  

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