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Tuesday, June 21

Smashing Pumpkins to reform

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You heard it here first. Normally, I relegate music stuff to my other site. However, this is headline news... at least in my little world. Billy has said for the last few years that he will never ever play a pumpkins song again, and will never reform the band. ever.

He then posts on his site about how and talentless Darcy and Iha were (which is largely true). He took pains to mention they were also ungrateful and had a terrible attitude. Also, true. Billy's new album (The Future Embrace) came out this morning, and is a huge huge departure from any kind of guitar rock. It is (in my opinion) a crappy emo electronic thing.

so, here is where it gets strange. today, the day his new disc comes out, Billy ran a full page ad asking to get his band back together.

Most importantly about all this, is how I feel. I approve.


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