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Saturday, July 2

Live 8

Live 8 is coming tomorrow, July 2nd. Basically, it is the biggest rock concert in history... or at least since the original Live Aid. Bob Geldof and Bono have teamed up to raise awareness of the dire situation in Africa. Africa needs aid, money... and soon. Things are to fragile and dire there, it seems the whole thing could just implode any day now.

The beauty of this whole thing, is the concernts aren't for money. It is being done for awareness and publicity. The goal is to pressure the world leaders in next week's G8 summit to give a little more. Hence the name, Live 8. So, what we get is all the big names in rock playing on your TV... and most asssuredly a DVD set by Christmas. You probably know about the Pink Floyd re-union.

The whole Pink Floyd story deserves its own paragraph at the very least. The two guys behind Pink Floyd are Roger Water and David Gilmore. These two have been in the biggest fued in the history of rock. Lawsuits, slander... the works. They have both claimed for years they would rather be dead than share the stage. Well, whispers have been circulating for the last couple of years (including right here) that they were looking to get back together.

of course, they are saying the chance to play together and put old beefs behind them is a small price to pay for world peace.


this is about money. Floyd is getting back together, and you can expect a monster stadium tour next summer.

Anyhow, it is a huge huge huge rock concert being broadcast for free. Watch it, then please drop over to their One site to sign the petition to be presented at the G8 Summit **** This just in - I have a tentative schedule of tomorrow's broadcast. All times are Eastern 12:00-6:00pm ET – Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway 12:04 – Paul McCartney & U2 Live from London 12:14 - Black Eyed Peas 12:33 - Bon Jovi 12:54 – Madonna Live from London 1:00 - Destiny’s Child 1:16 - Kanye West 1:30 -Will Smith 1:50 - Coldplay Live from London 1:56 - Toby Keith 2:13 - Dave Matthews Band (right) 2:40 - Alicia Keys 2:52 - Def Leppard 3:10 - Linkin Park and Jay-Z 3:50 - Tim McGraw Live from Rome 3:56 - Sarah McLachlan 4:11 - Maroon 5 4:28 - Green Day Live from Berlin 4:34 - Keith Urban 4:48 - Jars of Clay 4:56 - Pink Floyd Live from London 5:00 - Rob Thomas 5:21 - Stevie Wonder


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