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Wednesday, July 13

This story troubles me

A 4 year old child for some reason cralwed into a duffle bag that was on the curb for garbage pick up. He was just playing, but no one saw him. A few minutes later the trash guys came and picked up the duffle bag and tossed it in the hopper/ compactor. As they drove off one of them heard the child scream and thankfully stopped the truck and the crusher and fished the boy out. Thank god he is ok.

However, this is what worries. It seems more likely the poor child would have died, but we are thankful he did not. However, had he died... imagine how the story would have played out. The child would have been reported missing about 30 minutes later. The neighborhood would be combed and an Amber alert would be issued. Neighbors would tell police of black men in the neighborhood recently who didn't look local. After a few days it would turn from search to recovery. The landfill would have been searched as a matter of course and the boy would have been found. The parents would immediately be blamed for child abuse and murder. The mother would say 'I was just washing the dishes and he was outside. Then, he was gone'. No one would believe her. When the story went national that the child was found badly bruised (from the crusher) and stuffed into a family duffle bag with blankets... well no one would possibly believe the parents.

Even if exonerated, the parents would live their lives under a cloud of suspicioun. The husband would forever have to wonder... even if it was just a 1% wonder, whether his wife could have done that. They would be the butt of jokes by Leno and co. Only the Ramsey's (who have since been totally exonerated) would believe them.

So, thank god that kid is alive and safe. I don't know why my mind thinks about these things, but it does.


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