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Thursday, August 11

Dressed like a drunken, bra-less, Leprechaun

I am prepared to speak about the President's highway and transportation bill. The Democrats are up in arms about the pork barrel spending, and rightfully so. What is porkbarrell spending? It looks like this: a senator in Alaska gets 10 million to build a bridge to name after himself. Anyhow, the bill is filled with Billions of dollars for stuff like that.

I am going to differ with my party (and most reasonable humans) and say: fine. yup, I am good with the bloated, monster. Wanna know why? I am fine with it because this will be the very first time the President has done a single thing for American workers. We are spending (and sending) Billions to Halliburton and many more of the President's cronies. While inefficient, and rewarding the wrong behavior... at the very least it will create jobs. Plus, if we are going to blow 60 or 70 Billion... spend it on roads and safety. You have heard about government manuals that are 30 pages long on how to change a light bulb. There is no secret this is the most fiscally irresponsible administration and congress since the Tammany Hall scandal went public about a hundred years ago. I have never in my life seen spending like this. With that being said, at least with this highway... some money is being spent on me and in my community.

While it seems like too much government money goes to stuff like studying whether earthworms suffer depression... at least the highway bill is something we can all benefit from. Remember, after Iraq, the president's goal is to go to Mars. This is your only chance as a taxpayer to reap some of your share of the pie. Let's start an ashphalt company.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OR... It's a way to keep us addicted to foriegn, non-renewable fuel. The highway contracts will go to the lowest bidder, using the least amount of workers and the execs will get huge bonuses for scratching each other's junk (or backs). This administration is still a group of dangerous assholes, no good will come from anything they do.

11:06 PM  
Blogger L*F*A said...

A little isn't good enough. The GOP threw a bone and the Dems nabbed it. We'd have been better off down the road if the Dems stood their ground and fought for real change.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Lono said...

all we can do is wait this fucker out. Don't worry, in five years... every one of these swine will be indicted or in jail.

the next president will have to spend the first few months of his/her administration cleaning up and reversing everything Bush did... even if they are Republican.

2:33 PM  

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