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Friday, September 16

Friday Fives

1. Name one thing you've quit: being late

2. Name something you've won: The heart of America, with this here blog

3. Describe a subject in school you do poorly in: math. I hated math. Always have, always will. If it can't be knocked out on a $2 calculator... I want nothing to do with it. I joke that my brothers used to dress up at numbers before the beat me. Such is my aversion to math.

4. Have you ever purposely not done your best? Math. I totally just gave up on it. I took algebra in college and it was a nightmare. Just a horrible experience because I understood none of it. Eventually I had to drop the class so I wouldn't flunk. I still got a degree though, but had to take a short cut math called 'Practical Purpose Math' which was actually useful math. Algebra can suck my ass. I have never once used the quadradic equation to pay my bills or do my job (Lawnmower Technician 3, yup... Larry got fired!).

5. Do you lead, follow, or get out of the way? All of the above, and if you say any different about yourself you are a liar. Generally though, I would say I am a leader. You, you're all just sheep


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