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Thursday, September 15

Who saves the consumer money

I do!
Wal Mart? No, they don't save you money... they just charge less. You pay for it all on the back end as a subsidy to build the store and then in subsidies to pay for all of their workers who can't afford health insurance. Yup, that gets passed on to you. Wanna know why the doctor charged you $300 to put a bandaid on? Because they have to equalize the free care they give out in order to stay in business. So who really cares for us, the consumer? ME! I am in the ditches fighting for your right to a $5 sammich. See, I do consumer marketing research on the side. It pays quite well, about $100 an hour. I started doing beer tasting for Coors, now all kinds of folks call me. Corporations use these focus groups to flesh out ideas on new releases. Everything is scrutinized carefully. The one thing I say invariably is 'it costs too much'. For example, yesterday I was doing a survey for a big sub sandwhich chain.

They had a big yummy steak sammich. That is all I will say, except that it was quote tasty. Then, I found out the price point (fancy talk for 'price' was $7.59. That means for that sandwhich with a soda costs (after tax) more than $10.

unacceptable. You can not charge $10 for a sammich when minimum wage hasn't been touched in 10 years. Is a sandwhich all of the sudden executive food? No sir! The sammich is the lasy refuge of the blue collar scoundrel. So, next time those market killing subisity suckers at Wal Mart tell you they are dropping prices... you just remember your old pal Lono.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Attacking Wal-mart again I see. Why dont you pick on someone your own size or hair sticktuitiveness :) Wal-mart is the greatest company of all time. You know what you really should do to improve it? Easy- Sin taxes on all bad food. Mcdonalds should pay a 50% tax on all burgers to the govt just like cigarettes and booze. Ray Kroc was really the devil in disguise. Its fast food thats truly the great plague ruining America.

-your bro

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