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Saturday, December 17

Friday Fives

Know what? Those questions were terrible, so I am going to skip them. Plus, I am a day late on the questions. That is because I am on the greatest vacation ever. That being said, you probably wouldn't guess it means being in Buffalo, NY. See, I was born in Buffalo so this weekend I have about 5 vacations jammed into one. I get to:

1. see my beloved Broncos play 2. see my childhood heroes the Buffalo Bills play 3. spend a weekend with the Buffalo side of my family, who I only see once every five yeras or so 4. I get to spend a snowy weekend partying in Buffalo (a very cool place in small doses) 5. Spend the weekend with my brothers who live in Arizona.

That is one amazing weekend. Look up, those are your Friday Fives. Right now I am writing from a laptop on the kitchen counter of Uncle Eddie' place. We are all getting dressed to head out to a very cold and very snowy Buffalo Bills game in Orchard Park.

Sounds perfect, right? It is, except one small catch. I busted my ankle the other day and am in a cast and crutches. So, last night we went barhopping in a Buffalo snow storm in the middle of the night. Drunk, on pain pills, on crutches, in 6 inches of snow. Frankly, it went well... never even slipped once. Tonight, I have to manage a snowed in football stadium on crutches... but we'll be soundly liquored by then. These folks in Buffalo take tailgating seriously. We will have BBQs, ovens, and a deep fryer. Seriously, they bring a deep fryer. That is hardcore! I thought I was tough with my little weber.

ok, stay warm and enjoy the holidays. Don't drink and drive. Most importantly, don't get caught drinking and driving. We'll talk again before christmas, I promise. I may even have some pics of us tailgating and freezing our asses off. I'm sure everyone will have a dij camera... and apparently our group will be 20 to 30 folks strong.

Go Broncos!


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