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Wednesday, December 28

how a DVR saved my marriage

All credit goes to my brother Chris for this conversation. First, I should tell you what a DVR is. A DVR is a cable box that records and pauses TV. I have a problem, when I watch TV I am very focused. This is not an attribute I am proud of, I am just aware. Anyhow, when I get home I like to watch TV because I am not much of a talk about your day sort of guy. My wife isn't that way, nor is any wife. So, when she walks in she runs down her day from start to finish, and I must provide feedback.

You see the problem I have with this, right? I am trying to relax and watch TV and I am at the same time needed to be a sensitive and caring husband (which I am). I learned early on to mute the TV when she came home... because I didn't want to be a jerk. Everything is better now. I can pause live TV and give her attention. Then, go back to TV and have missed nothing. Thank you, inanimate object, for saving my marriage and making me look like a gentleman.


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