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Friday, February 17

A word of advice, do NOT let the baby drive

ok, the conservatives say a baby can feel pain inside the mother. They say life begins at conception. They say every fetus is a sentient being who deserves to be protected by the law, right? Ok, a pregnant mom just ran over three people in Denver yesterday.

If baby wants to play with the big boys... then baby needs to be charged along with the mother for running people over. I want the fetus in custody for reckless driving! I am tired of pandering to the baby lobby, and we need to toughen up baby driving and baby road rage laws.

LONGMONT - Three people were hospitalized Friday after being hit by an SUV driven by a pregnant woman, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

What is this sentient infant doing in the drivers seat? Did it at least have a learners permit? Come on, righties, let's play both sides of this abortion game. Was the fetus wearing a seat belt, or was it on it's stupid cell phone like everyone on i-25?


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