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Wednesday, March 15

This better work

ok, I better lose a gazillion pounds. Do you know what my diet is? I have oatmeal for breakfast every day. Then, I have fish... every day. I am crazy hoppped up Omega threes. Know what that is? Me neither, but apparently it is important. Now, I drink a cup of green tea every day too. Guess what that tasted like? If you guessed it tastes like licking a plant... you would be correct. Kill me now. This very second, just take me Iggy. That is right, y'all have god to go to and that is cool. Me, I use Jim Ignatowski in times of spiritual fluctuation.

Do you know why I do this? I do this for you. YOU. I want you to be able to read my excellence for many years to come. When I was chartered with this seemingly pompous URL... I knew sacrifice and dedication to truth had to be all consuming.

peace out!

I probably won't be back before the Friday Fives because I am spending every free moment (and dollar) getting my jimdamn Ford fixed. For the love of Iggy, people, don't ever buy an American car if you can help it.


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