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Wednesday, April 26

Don't be a spaz

Earlier this week, Tiger Woods was interviewed about some tournament he was in. I guess he didn't do as well as he hoped. The interview asked him what he thought the problem may have been, and Tiger said 'I putted like a spaz'. It's ok if you didn't hear this, most media outlets censored the word. Problem is, not everyone was so thoughtful, and the 'S' word went out over the airwaves. Tiger issued a prompt apology for his rhetoric.

What, I can't say Spaz. I call shenannigans on this. Spaz spaz spaz spaz spaz. Anyone who is offended by the word spaz is a true and undying spaz. Guess what, spaz isn't a bad word. Spaz is not a deragatory term to any race or behaviourism... excepting your little sibling. Know what spaz means? Here it is, straight from the experts:
One who is considered clumsy or inept
I know we can't say tard, because that is offensive to retarded people. I was never trying to be offensive to retarded people, I was simply slandering my brothers because they beat me mercilessly. Also, I admit I used to use the term 'fag'. Know that my use of that word had nothing to do with anyone's sexual preference on any level. No, calling one a fag was just a simple neutral diss. It was gently and patiently explained to me by someone once that even though I meant no harm in its execution... a tertiary observer might not see it that way. So, I relented and don't use that expression any more.

However, I refuse to relent on the 's' word.


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