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Monday, May 15

What not to say

So I was drinking wine with some friends and some friends of their friends this weekend. We talked about politics and horses, mostly. Then, the subject of favorite TV shows came up. You know me by now, and you know I am a sarcastic monster. I figured everyone knew this, and it was implied during drunken stimulating conversation.

The topic was favorite shows and the gal to my right asked me 'do you watch American Idol?'. I said "hmmm, no... because I am not a 12 year old girl". Funny, huh? I thought so, she certainly didn't. She picked up a spoonful of a very elaborate desert and flung it at me... high velocity. Come on, folks - this crpa only happens on Tv doesn't it? Anyhow, no big deal and not much harm done. I just want you, the reader, to learn from my mistakes. When a 35 year old semi attractive gay woman asks you about American Idol... treat lightly.


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