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Friday, June 30

I am just like you

Well, not just like you. I mean, I am better and stuff. Point being, bad things happen to me, too. I thought I would share this with you because everyone seems to think it is awfully funny.

I am in the middle of a landscaping project right now that has me putting a lot of crap in my garbage. Lately, my garbage company has been sucking. They are a day late if they come at all. Yesterday was garbage day and I have three cans full of junk, and heavy as hell. Garbage company doesn't come. I call, and the voice mail is full. Today, garbage company still doesn't come. I am pissed. I have a big party this weekend and need all this garbage out. Man, these guys suck ass. I tell the wife that next week we need to fire these rat bastards and get a new garbage carrier.

Fast forward to an hour later. Wife calls me and has the mail. There is a letter from a competing garbage company. Weird. Gets weirder. Letter from competing garbage company says "since your current disposal carrier, Discount Disposal, went out of business, we would like your business."

WTF? Did that just say my garbage company went out of business? We just paid those fuckers for six months. What the hell am I going to do with all this garbage on the curb? Why didn't they send a letter or a flyer or something. I mean, I don't fault them for going out of business at all. I am, however, very cross about the fact that no one told me. Even if I wasn't pre-paid through the end of the year (which I am)... someone could have told me before I loaded my entire lawn in those cans. I can't even move them they are so heavy.

See, even someone as talented and gifted as me has problems. *** update: I am not the only person this happened to. It is a big local story... read here.


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