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Saturday, June 3

Why do Democrats hate success?

I was at a friend's house last night having beers and he asked me that. Sadly, it seems I have more conservative friends in their early 30's then proper Democrat ones. There is this myth perpetuated that Democrats hate success. Also, Democrats love big government, lastly... Democrats are soft on terror. There are all things which are wrong.

We love people and companies to be successful, that is how we all get jobs. My point is that you don't get to kill anyone to get rich... nor can you kill anyone now that you are rich. fair?

Big Government? Bill Clinton had the smallest gov't since JFK. I don't even have to tell you about the debt GW Bush has racked up, for I can not count that high.

Democrats are soft on terror? Really? Only one time we were attacked on our own soil and that was when GW was President. Spain and London were also attacked during this time by the same group. The last thing I feel with GW in power is safer.


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