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Friday, July 28

Friday Fives

1. fast forward to your life in 5 years - what do you see?

much the same, probably. However, we'll be in a house somewhere wooded.

2. How much trouble were you during your school days.

school days? Not too much. I had decent respect for authority and enjoyed sports... until I was a teenager.

3. How convinced are you that the sun will rise tomorrow?

so convinced that I will waste no more time on this question. We need to get lamps, and generators STAT. I have been watching Lost all summer, so I know everything is relative... and the others are right around the corners at all times.

4. What spells adventure for you?

getting through the work week

5. If you could be invisible for the day, what would you do.

probably spend most of the day looking at nekkid girls. Then, hopefully, I would secure a lot of cash and some cool electronics. Then, back to watching nekkid ladies.


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