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Thursday, July 20

Friday Fives

We have a new feature beginning now. Going forward, every Friday Five will be accompanied by a beautiful mandala.

1. Would you perrmanently shave your head and live bald for $1,000.00?

Yes. Why? Because I already shave my head bald twice a week... and I ain't got any money for it yet. Here is one benefit, since I bought my clippers I have not paid for a haircut in over ten years.

2. When did you last sing to yourself or someone else?

last Saturday night. We went to hang out with some friends at their cabin in Winterpark. I bring my acoustic guitar to things like this. We all sit on the porch, drink, and sing along.

3. How many times a day do you look in a mirror?

each time I pee and stop to wash my hands. I do not take extra trips for vanity.

4. Have you ever been and audience member for a television show?

yes, the Arsenio Hall show. It was great, and we were front row. The guests were Dennis Miller (back when he was funny) and Anna Nicole Smith. We were vacationing in LA and cruising around Venice Beach and some studio lady offered us tickets... free.

5. What was the last practical joke you pulled? What about the last one pulled on you?

I am not much of a prankster, though I am a constant joker. My comedy isn't physical, it's cerebral.


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