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Tuesday, July 11

my new hobby

You know what is cool? Mylar baloons! Know what is cooler than that? Sending them up in the sky with messages. See, Mylar baloons last way longer than conventional ones. Once, I tied a message to a mylar and it went over a mile before it landed. Me and my little pal Timmy tracked it. I hang out with little kids and we play with the balloons.

I know what you are thinking, creepy. Not the case, I am married and have no interest in hanging out with children outside of the work I do with the church. I spend my weekends with the young kids because they have the most interest in mylar baloon launching. We have some very cool videos and photos we are going to upload soon. The reason I am writing is because we are looking for sponsors, and we would love to have you on board. Mylar and string costs add up, quickly. Also, I would like to register our site, but it seems to be blocked. If any of you are internet types, maybe you could help. I can't possibly see how our hopeful URL (North American Mylar Baloon Launching is gone. Don't even get me started on how difficult fundraising is. The second you tell someone you are from our organization, they hang up every time.

Anyhow, think you can help? Send cash, and boys.

Lono, president and CFO of

N orth
A merican
M ylar
B aloon
L aunching
A ssociation


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