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Friday, August 18

Friday Fives

1. Where's your favorite spot to watch the sunrise? Sunset?

I see the sunrise only about once every ten years. Mornings do not agree with me. Sunset? The sunset is beautiful from everywhere. Truly, though, I miss Phoenix AZ sunsets the most. Because of the dust in the air, every one was spectacular.

2. What's your favorite smell?


3. When did you get your first traffic ticket?

was 17 and speeding. Cop went to pull me over and saw my license plate was obscured by the spare tire (it was a van) and the van was covered in Grateful Dead stickers. Also, had long hair back then. It is a wonder I am not still in jail. The cop was very cool about it, once he realized I wasn't a stoned hessian.

4. Are you a high maintenance person?

not much. I require a good deal of sleep and have to eat every few hours because of blood sugar issues. However, if you saw how homely I was, you would know I am not high maintenance.

5. What things make you procrastinate?

that is a good question, lemme get back to you on that.


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