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Monday, August 28

oh boo hoo!

Some high falutin' report came out today that says today's college kids are depressed and burdened. Boo hoo. If today's kids are suffering the college experience, they are getting it all wrong. Here is the deal with college: You finally got out of your parents house. You have no curfew. You are better looking and in better shape than you ever will be again. Girls are finally having sex with you. You can party like a rock star nightly. You finally get to choose what you are learning. Attendance is strictly voluntary. Someone just gave you a credit card.

What isn't to like here? It's all gravy!

Now, after college... there is reason for concern. You are deeply in debt. Deeply. You are starting to gain weight for the first time in your life. You have to get a job, and the pay isn't nearly what they promised in those brochures. The world is embroiled in total chaos, as usual. The people running the country (on your dollar) are inept criminals with no shame or remorse.

This is the time to deal with mortality. Not in college, though. College is for learning, drinking, screwing, and spending. Do it all, kids... and lots of it. You have the rest of your life to be mediocre and repressed. This is your best shot at total self expression. Don't blow it!


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