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Monday, August 21

Who says hospitals are bad

In an ongoing effort to research all of modern America, and then to be right about it - I spend last week in a hospital. Hospitals get a bad rap, and here is why. These are things which are good at a hospital:

I didn't have to go to work all week
I had unlimited time to read
I could (and did) call for pain meds and ice cream 24 hours a day
someone else cooks for you
someone else cleans for you
someone comes in and cleans the sheets
I had my own private bathroom
I had unfettered access to the remote control (take that, wife!)
I could sleep in 12 hour increments and no one called me a sloth
nurses legally obligated to laugh at all my racist material
did I mention pain meds? four different kinds! It was a buffet of narcotics!

so anyone who says hospitals creep them out has the entirely wrong attitude. I say that because the placebo effect has been proven positive. So, if you go into a hospital expecing to get better, the odds are you will.

Oh, this all presupposes you have health insurance. My little few days of IV anti-biotics and USA today reading probably will cost someone about 5 grand. For me? 99 bucks. Seriously, thank god for health insurance, and never under-estimate it's value. Without health insurance, I would have to sell a car to pay for last week. Did you know that medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcies?


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