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Thursday, September 7

I am going to take a stand

I am about to say the uncoolest thing on the planet. I am about to say something that just may lose you as a reader forever. I am about to go off the grid. I thought I should warn you first, you may just want to skip this one.

I like Jake Plummer. Yup, the Denver QB. Jake has an image problem, and a personality problem... these things are true. Jake has cheesed off just about everyone he has touched in the last ten years. Ok, sure, maybe he

  • left his finacee at the alter the day of the wedding
  • crashed into one car and kicked in another in a road rage incident, then drove off and false reported the event to the police casting him as the victim
  • got caught giving Denver fans the bird during a home game
  • called Denver fans 'the worst'
  • called and personally threatened a reporter who revealed a tryst he was having with a Denver chearleader

Big wup. He's an asshole. He should be an asshole, he's an athlete. An athlete (or a rock star) not being a dick is like a supermodel not doing blow.

the list goes on. That's ok, I like Jake. Jake is a good quarterback. I trust Jake Plummer in a football game. I don't care that Jake Plummer is quite possibly an epic asshole. It isn't his job to be nice, it is his job to win football games.

I understand that Jake isn't the next Elway. We touched on this over a year ago, here. There isn't going to be an Elway, so shut up about that already. I sure don't like that team pic of Jake last year with the mustache. You know, this one... that makes him look like a child molester. That is ok, I think it was his joke on the world. The picture above is how I like to remember him. Homeless, scruffy, and psychotic looking. That is not a smile above. That is him dreaming of kicking your scrawny ass. That is an attribute I really like in football players.


Anonymous Yukon Dan said...

Here Here! I would go so far to say he's not an asshole, just a little to abrasive for the folks here in Denver. Denverites, for the most part, prefer things a little sugar coated.

2:45 PM  

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