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Monday, October 9

Fire your congressperson

Good afternoon. I read another political poll today that explained how most American's do not approve of the job that congress is doing... 75%, in fact. The reasons are myriad, but we know our congress sucks major ass. We know they have voted themselves some seven pay raises since the last time minimum wage was raised over nine years ago. You know they are pedophiles, thieves, and murderers.

Here is the deal, though... it is your fault. Why? Because Congressfolk are retained in election is approaching 90% every election. Do you see the problem here? 70% of Americans think their congressperson sucks ass, and yet 90% of these dirtballs get re-elected every time. So what is the message we send them? Do what you want. I will never approve of you, but your job is safe. Why do we even have elections? You are just going to vote for the same a-hole again

I have a theory. I think you hate everyone in Congress except your congressman. You actually believe that your Congressman is in there fighting for you, and those other guys suck ass. Problem is, everyone in America thinks that so everyone gets a pass.

There is only one solution - fire them. I don't care if you have Democrat or Republican representation. Vote out the incumbant and put a new dude (or dude-ette) there. I ask you to fire every single member of Congress. Can you imagine how much that would shake up politics as usual? People would remember that for a hundred years, and they would stop shitting on us. FIRE YOUR CONGRESSMAN! Vote in November, and change the world.


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