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Tuesday, October 17

One Hour Photo

Did I ever tell you guys this story? It's a true story, and a funny one... to me at least. A couple of years back I went to take some film to Target's One Hour Photo. Since the wife and I were shopping there, we filled we could kill an hour at Target. I love Target, and don't even get me started on Supertarget. I could move there.

So, I take my film to the whipper shapper at the counter and explain I'd like the One Hour treatment. He explained it would take about two hours. I understand, they were busy. So, I asked him if I would get a discount on the 'One Hour Rate'. He explained there would be no discount, as one hour service was never implied or promised. I am a bit agitated at this point, but I generally thrive in this environment. I said to the guy, what about your service? What about the name right on your tag that says "One Hour Photo". The kid looked at me and said, not remotely jokingly

That's just the name of the place, sir


Blogger Lono said...

I hear a defeaning silence out there. Listen people, they all gems. Fer Chrissakes, I took on the entirety of Christianity two days ago... I am a little spent.

Speaking of which, I encourge you to see how that peice took off.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

I'm laughing. For real. You should've answered that you'll only pay 'in theory.' And then hand him your pretend credit card.

9:31 PM  

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