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Tuesday, November 7

Majikwah > arsonist

  • America, I tried to stick to the issues. I wanted this to be a fight on the issues and not character assasinations. I wanted this to be different. You will not my opponent has not answered me on a single issue. The issues are these:

    my opponent has sex with cats

    My opponent kicks puppies, and drinks decaffeinated coffee

    my opponent is a 'hairist', and won't allow any male battern balding in his cabinet.

    So what does Majikwah wanna talk about? How much he likes he pets, and how he committed arson on his own house. I guess this election is about values.

    I would also like to take a minute to answer one of his salacious claims. Yes, I do use Asian child labor to write my material. I haven't actually blogged in about six months. These kids can blog on a dime, and they don't sass me back. At least, I think they don't. Truth be told, I have no idea what those little buggers are saying most of the time.

    In closing:



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