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Friday, November 3

Attention Dudes*

Do not date this woman. Do not have sex with her, smile at her, or ever buy her a drink.

This is Julia Lynch. Julia is attractive, young, smart, and successful. What's not to like? Well, in Seinfeld terms... she is a bad breaker-upper.

She has had her last two boyfriends committed to mental hospitals.

The last guy was pulled out of work by cops and forceably restrained and taken away because they believed he was a danger to himself. You can read the story here, because hopefully you don't believe me. Stories like this are why god gave me a blog.

I mean, just look at that smile? Julia is in jail on an extremely serious charge, and could lose her medical license. Does she look traumatized, scared, or remorseful? This chick is three kinds of nuts. One must truly, truly appreciate Julia's creativity as a scorned babe, though.

As a writer and observer of the absurd, I say Huzzah to Julia!


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