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Monday, November 6

Before you vote

Tomorrow, you will be asked to make a choice for America. Me, or 'Majikwah'. Majikwah has voted 13 times against HR 1865 'Puppies are Adorable' act. Is that who you want blogging for you? Majikwah seems to think it would be a good idea to let old people drive, and give all immigrants guns. Is that a good idea for America? Majikwah seems to think that instead of writing good copy, you will be distracted by zany Friday pictures. Have zany pictures ever put your child through school? Mine neither! Majikwah has consistantly voted against both sunny days, and the smile on a child's face. Good luck letting him run America.

In four years of blogging, what exactly has Majikwah done for the blogosphere? Is your site in cleaner, wittier, or better managed? Yet, he continues to prof all these HTML solutions... my site still looks this stupid and simple. Where was Majikwah when I needed archive help? Nowhere, and that is where he will leave the American blogger. Huh? I mean, yeah... he showed me everything he knows, and led my hand through the whole process of learning and communiucating through the web. Yeah, if it weren't for him you wouldn't be reading this. Yeah, he may be my best friend, but my archives are still totally fucked up. I can't spend my life forgiving, and neither can you! Also, Majikwah hates God and Asians.

Lono believes in a stronger and more democratic blogosphere, and takes credit for way more stuff. Lono loves America, porn, puppies, smiling babies, porn, kittens, and also porn. Lono is not afraid to represent America, or to take on the special interests. In fact, I am having a rather blunt confrontation right now with a delicious envoy from Canada this minute (Canadian Mist... yummy yummy yummy)

I hear that Majikwah goes out there and 'works' every day to support his family and oppulent lifestyle (has both a dog and a cat... must be nice). Majikwah is out of touch with regular bloggers, because he is too busy nurturing a $1200 cat. Was your cat free, America? Mine sure was! His name is Checkers, and I am not giving him back. Majikwah supports himself through various schemes he calls 'a 40 hour work week'. Sounds suspect to me, America.

You can be sure that win or lose tomorrow, Lono will be hanging out in his mothers' basement looking at porn, like he always has. Win or lose, that is what I stand for, America. More importantly, I will be here to tell you about it!

I am Correct is not about spreading bile or negative campaigning. I am Correct is not here to accuse Majikwah of killing 13 Vietcong children villagers in 1971 (which he totally did, my buddy Eric knows I guy who was totally there). I am Correct does demand accountability, which seems to be lacking from 'Majikwah'. For example, last night I was sitting at this bar and Roy 'Majikwah' was going to meet for beers after work. He totally didn't show up. I sat there for 6 hours getting deeerrrrrUNK by myself at the Holiday Inn off Colfax. Where was Roy Majikwah then? Same place he is today, running a 'company' and feeding his 'family'. If that is what you want America, I think you know what to do at the polls today.

* paid for by citizens who think Majikwah is a total douche bag.


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