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Friday, November 3

Friday Fives

1. Do you have problems sleeping?

No, quite the opposite. I have problems getting up.

2. What was the last dare you accepted?

Carlos dared me to eat a jalapeno. I did it. Generally speaking, though, I am not much on dares. Two reasons: doing something that can kill you for the sake of bravado is retarded. Secondly (and most importantly)... I am a pussy.

3. Would you rather . . . Smoke 100 cigarettes nasally - or - tongue clean 10 blocks worth of New York City public phone mouth pieces? (via "Would You Rather . . . ?" by Justin Heimberg and David Gomberg. )

Funny you should ask, as I am nasally smoking two ciggies right now. So, I think that answers your question.

4. Are you free with your feelings?

Yes, I an am open book pretty much.

5. Tell us a lie:

I am prompt


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