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Tuesday, November 28

Impressions of New York City

I wanted to write something profound about my five days in New York City. I could write for the rest of my life and never capture NYC. I think Bobo captured the essence of my experience pretty well, so I will let him speak for me (but the colors were all me, baby!):

In New York freedom looks like too many choices In New York I found a friend to drown out the other voices Voices on the cell phone Voices from home Voices of the hard sell Voices down the stairwell In New York, just got a place in New York

In New York summers get hot well into the hundreds You can walk around the block without a change of clothing Hot as a hair dryer in your face Hot as handbag and a can of mace New York, I just got a place in New York New York, New York

In New York you can forget, forget how to sit still Tell yourself you will stay in But it's down to Alphaville

New York, New York, New York New York, New York, New York

The Irish have been coming here for years Feel like they own the place They got the airport, city hall, concrete, asphalt, they even got the police Irish, Italians, Jews and Hispanics Religious nuts, political fanatics in the stew Living happily not like me and you That's where I lost you...New York

New York, New York New York, New York

In New York I lost it all to you and your vices Still I'm staying on to figure out my mid life crisis I hit an iceberg in my life But you know I'm still afloat You lose your balance, lose your wife In the queue for the lifeboat

You got to put the women and children first But you've got an unquenchable thirst for New York

New York, New York New York, New York

In the stillness of the evening When the sun has had its day I heard your voice a-whispering Come away child


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