Liberals treat dogs like people, Conservatives treat people like dogs

Thursday, November 16


I was watching CNN this morning and they were interviewing the virgins in line waiting for the new Sony game console thingy to come out. Also, I think there is an additional Star Wars sequel they may be waiting for. Anyhow, they had a reporter lady out there interviewing the virigins. She interviewed #s 20 & 21 in line. They had been in line for days. She asked #21 how he would feel if there were only 20 consoles available. Dude in line shrugged it off as a joke.

Cut to lady interviewing the Best Buy manager explaining they only have 20 of the premium consoles. True story. Seems Sony completely lied to all their distributors and have not nearly enough consoles as they promised. Hmmm, when else has this happened? Oh yeah, every single other time Sony has released a product. They won't even have enough to fullfill more than 40% of the prepaid orders they took.

So, even if you already reserved and bought and paid for your new Sony console... you aren't picking it up anytime soon. I haven't seen someone treat their core constituency this badly since the Republican party.


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