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Thursday, November 9

Virginia is for ...

You have heard the slogan on the license plates: Virginia is for Lovers. I have an amendment to that. Virginia is for: racists and misogynists. Stong statement, and I will back it up. The guy who was running for Senator in Virginia was George Allen. George is a racist, and a sister beater. George is a dirtball. There are probably plenty of sister beaters and racists in Virginia. Heck, maybe everywhere.

The problem with Virginia is that they almost elected the guy as their senator. Big Problem with me, that one. Allen's history of duechebaggery is well documented. His sister wrote a friggin' book about it. Know what that means? It was vetted by lawyers thoroughly. So, it is no secret. In fact, I am not even going to footnote my racists claims about him, because I have never heard him refute them.

So that is my beef with Senator Allen. If he were alone, no biggie. Frankly, it is none of my business how he feels about blacks or women. However, there are 1,173,805 voters who are ok with that. Over one million people in Virginia said "I know he has a seriously racist background, I know he routinely beat his sister so hard she wrote a book about it... but THAT is my guy to run the country. Allen's background was no secret, and so now neither is Virginia.

So, does living in Virginia make you a racist and misogynists? After election, it sure does!


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