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Monday, December 18

Fighting in Professional Sports

This last weekend, there was a terrific melee at the Garden. The Denver Nuggets (this would be my team, were I to care about Basketball) and the Knicks. The whole court erupted in fighting and the NBA is furious. On the heels of the incident at the Palace (where even the audience starting fighting) last year, the NBA is very serious about cleaning up their image. Commissioner David Stern (or whoever the commissioner is now, like anyone cares) brought down serious penalties for players involved in the fracas. Denver player Carmelo Anthony was suspended for 15 games for his participation.

I would like my feeling on this known to all. I want to see WAY more fighting in professional sports. Seriously, y'all... two fights a year won't cut it. I mean, if men who are in the best physical shape of all society want to beat each other senseless in front of TV cameras, well I think that is just terrific!

I mean, if anyone were to fight... aren't atheletes the best choice? Also, they have health care and are insanely rich. Frankly, a good beatin' is all that keeps me from hating these guys even more.

I think it is regrettable that this seems limited to pro Basketball. How much would you pay to see Terrel Owens get punched out? Especially after he spit on that dude this weekend during the game. Come on, someone hit this guy soon and hard. I will personally cover the fine if possible. In fact, just about all the great wide receivers are total buttholes... so maybe we could do a round robin tourney.

I'm just sayin'.


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