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Friday, December 15

Friday Fives

1. Would you give up half of what you now own for a pill that would permanently change you so that one hour of sleep each day would fully refresh you?

Absolutely. Think how quick I could earn back the most important stuff, and better myself after that. See, I can't really function with anything less than 8 hours. It's kinda sad, so if I could I would.

2. What is your preferred method of getting the news?

I check throughout the day. I don't want to hear huge news from someone else. I want to get as many facts as I can to frame my own opinion before any kind of discussion goes on.

3. Would you rather . . . utter all exclamations during sex in sign language or in the form of a question as if on Jeopardy?

what is... the second option (get it?)

4. After winning it big in Las Vegas, what do you do first? have a drink, then take a shower and a nap to center myself. Now, room service and lots of it. I want 300 shrimp scampi, and way more booze. Now, let's go see a show!

5. In case of a sudden emergency in the middle of the night - who do you call.

Me! I am your emergency guy, and I am the emergency guy the Red Cross calls as well. Plus, I have a behemouth truck and all kinds of car rescue stuff. So, I would call myself. If that were not an option (I am often very busy, see) it would be my buddy Arne for sure. Dude spent 22 years in the service, so he makes my preparedness look like a puke stain sammich.


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