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Thursday, December 7

Just stop! Stop listening to him, stop asking him questions. Get rid of this President

Ok, I must have missed something. Govt is three parts, right? The executive, the legislative, and the judiciary… right? Ok, it is well understood the executive is largely in renal failure right now. It is official, 66% disapproval rating, his entire party voted out of office last month. Oh, and this. Yesterday his own appointed advisors released their report on Iraq which said essentially: everything you are doing right now, go ahead and stop doing that soon as possible. Then, go ahead and go everything differently starting immediately.

So, Bush is a lame duck president who has botched the war fatally by refusing to listen to advice or course correct over the last 5 years. Every general and advisor and president and yahoo has advised Bush to re-asses his plan. He refused to.

Today the headline in the Denver paper says: A Way out of Iraq? Bush must decide.

Really? How in the WORLD is anything left up to Bush anymore. He has failed us, and he has failed Iraq. That is a fact his own advisors said in the Baker Hamilton report. So now that we know he is a bad president, and his entire congress was kicked out… why in the world are we waiting or asking for Bush to fix things. He is a bad leader. He is a bad president. It’s finally official. Can we use the other two arms of Government to get something done?

That would be swell.


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