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Wednesday, January 17

You really aren't that nice, are you?

You know, I looked up to you people. I used to. I always felt I was kind of a heartless and elitist bastard. See, I am smarter than most, and better than most. So, I like to titter away at others. I never felt good about this, it just happens. I use this site as a confessional. I tell y'all about who I hate or feel better than, and that kind of absolves me. This is like my diary, but better.

Some time ago in the Fives, a question was 'what is your favorite word'. I answered 'schadenfreuden' and explained the word. Then, I actually hyperlinked the word to so you could understand such a twisted concept as digging others' failure. In fact, there is no single American equivalent to scadenfreuden. Nope, it's a German word. I thought I was better than you for knowing such a fancy and long word. Surely I thought you cared for people more than I do.

Then, I discovered this little phemon tonight... American Idol. Yes, the wife has made we watch it in the past, but tonight I watched it just for me. Why, to watch all these suck ass turdballs humiliate themselves on national tv. Wow, people really do suck. I mean, how is there not an English equivalent of schadenfreuden when a show like 'Idol' exists? Whatever, I'm a dick and I accept that.

Turns out somewhere between 30 and 50 million people will have watched American Idol tonight. Yeah, as many people that voted watched Idol. Don't you go acting like you appreciate the arts, either. This was the audition show which is two most excellent hours of American Suckitude. My point is this; you people are sick! You all love failure. You tape, you DVR it, you invite family and friends over to revel in it. What this means is that you are not better than me. This changes everything. Regardless, I appreciate your readership greatly. According to my numbers, there are approximately 30 of you who read daily. However, that could be spam robots trolling for ads and e mail addresses. More likely, it is about 4 of your. Still, I am gracious. I'd love chat, but I just got the Playboy with the Cylon chick on the cover in the mail. So, uh, I got some research to do in the oold office.

Goodnight. Probably won't write again until the Fives, as I can't get to my computer. It is a floor away in the house and I had knee surgery so I am stuck on the main floor.


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