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Tuesday, February 27

Barack Obama and my closing thoughts on Black History Month

I read an article today on CNN that said black voters are not behind Barack Obama. This tantalized me, so I read on. The story went on to say that black Americans feel Obama doesn't properly understand the black experience. Then, I swear, they used this phrase: He isn't Black Enough. I don't get it. I mean, I am a white guy, so my voice isn't too qualified... but I don't get it.

I mean, if there were, like, three or four black candidates I might understand. If he were a really light skinned black, I might understand. Last month, Obama was on 60 Minutes and they asked him about his black experience. He said he couldn't get a cab, either. I thought that was a charming and disarming comment. I guess what I want to know is: who in the field do you feel better represents the 'black experience'? None, that's who. I won't even enumerate the candidates, because it is moot.

Barack Obama is a good man, and a good candidate. At this point in the election cycle, I stand behind him 100% for President. Frankly, you should too. Is he black enough? That is a racist and unnecessary question. Is he qualified? You only have to be 40 years old and a natural born American. Is he passionate about public service? I believe without a doubt.

So what do I have to say today in closing regarding Black History Month. Well, I think the Obama issue nicely defines my feelings on things right now. We are making incremental process as a society. However, I think they are minute and progressing way too slow. Basically, Obama won't get elected because white folk are afraid he is too black and black folk feel he isn't black enough. How about the man and his issues? Let's look at those... his words. We have way too much work in America fixing what the Bush crime family has done and making us great again. As Reagan said, it is morning in America.


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