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Thursday, February 1

Friday Fives

1. Would you rather have a fun job that doesn't pay well or a boring job that does?

Well, as I get older and more comfortable... I'd have to say it is a toss up. That being said, I'd lean towards the boring job that paid well. My life is certainly not extravagant, but I own a house which is super awesome. I have cable and two nearly wonderful dogs and my most excellent wife. As long as I could maintain these fundamentals... I am flexible about where I work. Oh, and wherever I work has to have coffee.

2. Would you sacrifice your morals for a job?

hmmm. I wish I could tell you about some high moral ground I have, being a Dem and all. However, my employer pays for everything, and keeps me off the streets. I am indebted and appreciative of the opportunity.

3. Would you ever take a job that requires you to be in costume?

How much you payin'?

4. Would you rather Have sex with a mentally ill person to produce a normal kid or have sex with a hot person to produce a mentally ill kid?

The question, as it stands, is ridiculous and demeaning frankly. There is no mention of how attractive the retarded gal is. Let's be practical here.

5. Would you like fries with that?

shit yeah! With ranch, of course. Not that nasty vinegary ranch you get in the packets... nah. Also, the kind in the bottle is a little thick for me. I mean the kind of ranch you get with hot wings. That is the perfect consistancy and sweet flavor of a good ranch. I can't tell you how fond I am of the stuff. I call my generation the 'ranch generation', and I could easily give up ketchup and mustard rather than ranch.


Blogger Lono said...

I should clarify. I am remarkably integretous (my own word). I actually teach and train about integrity at work. Also, I don't kill people or steal more than printer paper.

However, if my employer asked me to... say... kill somebody or stop stealing printer paper... I would probably comply. Especially if it was Bradlee. That guy is such a dick. Serious, who spells their name like that? It means his parents hate him too! Hear that, Bradlee? I am coming for your ass.

12:55 AM  

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