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Sunday, February 25

Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee

Did you know that was their slogan? I didn't. Forever, I thought their slogan was 'nobody does it like Sara Lee'. Now that is a great slogan. It says 'we are unique', 'give it a try', 'Sara Lee is a pretty cool gal'. I like that can do spirit, and that is what America is about.

Boy, was I wrong. I recently learned the actual slogan is the one above. I am so disappointed. This new slogan, 'Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee' is pretentious. Worse, it is pushy. What really lies behind that expression? To me, it is the Sara Lee corporation saying 'what is your problem'... 'maybe this is why you can't get laid'... 'now you know why nobody likes you'. I like Sara Lee food, and am a crazy for their cherry cheesecake. It reminds me of my childhood, which was most excellent. Still, though, I feel like I am being threatened. 'Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee, so what's your fuckin' problem?'. Briefly, the title of this piece was going to be 'an Open letter to Sara Lee'. Apparently, their lawyers got their tighty whiteys in a bunch. I got this cease and disist letter. You would think that a company that nobody doesn't like wouldn't need lawyers. Boy, was I wrong.


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