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Thursday, February 22

You! Go eat here

Hey, All y'all know I don't do endorsements for anything. You may also know in our five years together... I have never pimped a restaurant. Not once. It's not my thing. I don't like to go out and eat. It is too expensive, and I am a rockin' good cook anyhow. That being said, you need to first get to Denver, Colorado. I am not sure where you are, but you should be here. This is the best city, and to me it offers everything. So, get to Denver. Ok, you here? Good.

Do you like gyros? Just kidding, of course you do. I am a connoisseur (let's hope spell check catches that one, eh?) of gyros. I have had them from San Diego to New York City to the coast of Spain. I loves me some gyros! I love everything about them... even the word. People will say 'there are many ways to pronounce it'. No, there aren't. There is only one way, so learn it else risk looking like the intolerant racist ass that you are. It is pronounced 'year-ose'. Got it? If you say "Jie-rosh" or "gee-rose" I will punch you in the baby maker.

Now that we are in Denver and we know we want good gyros, where do we turn? There are a lot of places that make swell gyros, as Denver is a delightfully diverse place. The correct answer, though, is 'Pita Jungle' off University. They make the most heavenly gyros on the planet, and I mean that. I mean, in five years this is the first time I have brought up food... so that should carry some weight.

Now when I say 'Pita Jungle' off of University by the school, everyone says "Oh, you mean Jerusalem's". You are wrong, though. I am NOT talking about Jerusalem's. They are fine, but nowhere near the caliber of gyro that Pita Jungle provides. Besides, admit it. You don't go to Jerusalem's because of awesome food. You go there so your friends think you are deep and multi cultural. That's ok, but I will make you deep and satisfied! Yikes, that came out wrong. You know me, normally I would reference a pic or website here for the place. They don't have a website. Why? They are too busy making great food of whatever nationality it is that they are. I honestly have no idea, and don't care. I am there for food, not a geography lesson.

The place is on University to the right as you are heading south just before hitting Evans. They are directly across the street from that Starbucks and Peaberry. So what makes such an important eating experience that I am cooing at 1 in the morning for? First off, their gyro is very simple. Grilled lamb and beef. Tomatoes slices, and lettuce gently wrapped in warm pita bread and lovingly touched with a yummy tzatziki (tahini) sauce. That's it. Secondly, it is cheap. $3.95, and if you come with an appetite you can knock down two of them easy. I had two of them yesterday and feel like young poets say they feel when they are in love.

Yes, I know about Pete's and greektown and Colfax and all that. Their food is great, and their hours even greater. Still, in the gyro department... it is too many toppings and not enough care. Because I spend much of my energy at home, writing for you... this is your only chance to meet me in person. Whenever I am running errands up in Denver, I always make a stop there. Ok, I am off to bed. First, though, I need to find a yummy google image of a gyro to slap up at the top of this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jake an telly's in the springs is the most magical gyro's place ever created. it's a little pricy but blows all others away. they don't use "log of meat on a stick", rather they make theirs in house and it is like nothing that has ever graced my lips.

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