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Tuesday, March 20

administrative update

Don't you just love the sound of that? Are you getting all creamy in your undies? I figured you might. I have made a few changes to the site, all good, and mostly from your feedback. The first exciting news is that you now have access to my archives. It is down there on the bottom left. Please be kind, as my early HTML skills were terrible.

Nextly, some images on the left were added. If you were using Mozilla's Firefox, you saw them all along. However, if you are using Explorer... you are just noticing them now.

Lastly, I have changed the comments section to make it easier for you to post. I got rid of that annoying ticketmaster like verification thing. Now, any yahoo can post a comment (hear that, Grainger). Thanks for reading, and peace!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey doofus...we already knew that any Yahoo could are living proof of that!

1:19 PM  

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