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Friday, March 9

Friday Fives

1. If you could retroactively erase one TV show from the history of entertainment, which one would you choose?

I guess this is censorship, but it would be the "O'Reilly Factor". The reason is this > it is the number one cable 'news show'. O'Reilly isn't news, I think even he will admit that. He is newstainment®, with a strong right bent. I don't mind the right bent, we are all politically motivated. What I do mind is how he pretends to be neutral or says 'no spin'. Dude is a righty who pretends not to be, and that insults me. It also worries me that people are getting their news from him thinking it is objective.

You people know me, I am far from objective. I am a liberal progressive bleeding heart ACLU card carrier. No hidden agenda. I lay it out honestly, I hate Republicans. Ok, Bill... your turn.

2. Are you more like your mother or your father?

physically and genetically, I am absolutely identical to my father. I am a replica of old man. As for emotionally and spiritually, I would say my father. Short example: my father votes Republican. Yeah, it kills me. I called him on election night to say hi and he answered the phone 'Bush victory campaign headquarters'. Now you see why I am in therapy.

3. If you could take a year-long vacation, what would you do?

Mexico, baby. Gimme two hours to pack and I am gone. I don't even need a plane ticket. I'll bus to the border and hitchhike to the coast. Mexico is my happy place. What is a 'happy place'? A happy place is where my therapist tells me to go mentally whenever I remember that my dad is a Republican and my brother is a Wal Mart apologist. Looks like it is just you and me, Grainger.

4. Would You Rather… Fight Me -or- Make Sweet Love? (Things to consider: I might be a 16 year old Homecoming Queen; or I might be a 43 year old postal worker who enjoys anal play.)

Well, I know you well. You are a 40 year old dude who lives with his sister... so I am going to take the 'make sweet love' choice. I bet you are a tender lover.

5. Can you think of a reason not to answer this question?

um, no


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