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Thursday, March 15

Great news, the doctor said, there is nothing wrong!

Surely, that is great news, right? I mean, isn't that what every one of us long to hear from our doctors? Not so much. See, those magnificent and powerful words were uttered by not my doctor... but my vet. Yes, he was referring to my dog. Turns out there is nothing wrong with my dog at all. Again, good news? Not so much.

My dog smells. He smells terrible. He smells up entire floors of the house that he is on for long periods of time. We took him to the vet thinking: easy solution. Some infection, probably, throw some pills at it. We joked how it would probably cost about $200, but would totally be worth it. Nope, the dog is fine. The is in perfect health, and my precious hound dog is going to live forever. How great is that? Oh, it still cost almost $200... but the dog is fine. This means that Rufus (seen below) will continue to smell as he does.

I love my puppy, and want to love my puppy. I was kind of imaging the vet would say 'oh, he has a stink bug. Have him take these pills for 14 days and he won't be smelly anymore. See, he is too smelly to cuddle with. Well, what good is a puppy I can't cuddle with? Oh Roofie dog, why must you smell?

* update - we washed him tonight for the first time inside. We had to jam him into a tub and hold him down as we soaped him up. Yeah, he was not a fan. He smells great, though. Thing is, it will only last about a week. So, if you are visiting... I reckon' you ought to visit soon.


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dare I say...

the apple does not fall far from the tree.


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