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Monday, March 19

More interesting than that

Know what I think is lame? People who use their blogs or sites to talk about their dogs or kids. Or... lives. Seriously, that is the pinnacle of both lameness and narcicissim. First rule of writing, don't be a Jean Teasdale. That being said, you should know my dog can read.

How do I know my dog can read? Because this weekend he ate my eyeglasses. You may remember last week, I confided in you the fact that I have a very smelly dog. I think that was about Thursday. On Saturday I woke up to no glasses.

See, when I wake up I grap my glasses off the night stand first thing. It is what I have done for 15 years now. I could be asleep in a ditch with hobos, but I would always have my glasses at hand. On Saturday morning I reached over and they were gone.

You may remember the next scene from Scooby Doo, but it is true. I had to look for my glasses. I can't see without my glasses to find them. So, I was on my hands and knees crawling around like Velma looking for them. I found them, and they were pretty much destroyed. Thanks, Rufus. You made your point, and I apologize.


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