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Friday, April 6

Good Friday

Ok, Christians, maybe you can help me with this one. Let's pretend for a minute Easter has anything to do with Jesus coming back (because it doesn't, it is a pagan Spring festival named for the goddess of fertilitiy Eostre). Ok, skip that. Also, we will skip how chocolate and bunnies represent the resurrection of the Lord. No biggie, life is supposed to be filled with mystery. Here is where y'all lose me, though.

Today, good friday, commerates the day Jesus was killed. Now, I understand wanting to mark the day... it is pretty significant. Do you really wanna call it good, though? I suggest you do not. Now, the day he came back to life... that is something to celebrate. That was a good sunday. I think you might want to think of the day he died as a very, very bad Friday. Perhaps it should be known as the worst Friday in history. I am going to make an analogy, and it involves a bit of blaspheme to illustrate my point.

Let's say I get hit by a bus tomorrow going to get coffee. Let's say that makes you super super super sad. Surely, you wouldn't always call that day 'good Saturday', would you? I implore you NO. Also, I would implore you not to celebrate me by wearing a bus pendant, or mounting busus in your houses in memory of me. No sir. The bus and I had a really bad experience together, and I would rather no one ever be reminded of that.

So how should you remember me? Start with a tree, and then maybe a party at Red Rocks. For the love of Jesus, though, don't take a friggin' bus there. Happy Easter, I love you all!


Blogger Roy said...

The Dutch name Goede Vrijdag translates as "Good Friday".

There was a great article in Salon last week about the Judas Gospels. It gives a different reading entirely of the Easter/Good Friday events.

8:36 AM  

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