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Thursday, April 12


I have little feet, like... woman feet. There I said it. Back to the story. How do I feel about Imus being fired. I wouldn't have fired him, probably, but certainly understand it. Why? Because Imus is an intolerant old doofus. Everyone knows that. Everyone who listens to Imus is an intolerant old doofus. Everyone also knows that. What do I care about two intolerant old doofi telling racist jokes to each other? I don't really.

I like that we know Imus is a racist, that is the most important thing to come out of these scandals. Now we know who is racist. Everytime one of them outs themselves, it saves me the trouble. I don't know that you need to fire him, but make him walk around with a scarlet 'R' on his vest. Same for Kramer & Mel Gibson & Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise? Yes, because there aren't any black Scientologists except for Chef. I have no respect for racism, but apparently I do have some tolerance. Why? Because everyone is racist. Every single living human on the planet is racist to some degree. It is human nature and self preservation.

For example, when I was in high school I had long hair. At lunch, I sat at the table with the other long hairs. Why? Because I know we have at least something in common, and there is strength in numbers... in case the meatheads come after us. Doesn't make it right, but I did get through high school quite nicely. What is important is to recognize your own prejudices, and not let them affect your decision making. I mean, is there a bigger racist in the public eye than Al Sharpton? Nope, because he has made a lifestyle (and a fortune).

So, how do you avoid the slippery slope of intolerance and accusation? Keep your thoughts to yourself, and treat everyone you meet with respect. It is that simple - 'Be Excellent to each other'.

Ok, I wanna close with some words from Henry Rollins. Henry says racism is for the stupid and the weak. "Why hate someone for the color of their skin? If you take the time to get to know them, there is so much more to hate". It sounds extreme at first, but that is actually a pretty progressive way to think about it. Be Excellent to Each Other.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your analysis is unusually weak...

Imus was hired because of what he does, and has done for 40 years. To fire him now is baying to the black fear culture that actually EMBRACES the term "nappy headed hos." Fire Imus, than fire any jock on a hip hop radio station who plays a record with that same verbage.

Imus is only as anti-black as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are anti-white.

All three are the same person...shock jocks who make their living (and a nice one) by saying one thing and doing another.

Imus is an idiot, but after 40 years...we are just now figuing it out. After forty years, we are now just being offended. Al Sharpton is a pimp for the black cause. He stands on a street corner waiting for someone to prey upon so he can make a living. Trust me, when the money and TV cameras are is he!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Grainger wrote that last enrty

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Blogger Lono said...

actually, grainger my analysis was spot on... as they always are. You only parroted my genius, but with less eloquence. Yes, Imus has been an intolerant coot for the last 40 years. I made that point exactly.

It is also very well understood that Sharpton is a racist too, and of the worst kind... an opportunist.

Now, if you are going to disagree with me (which I think we can all agree would be fruitless), make some points of your own. I have another enormous snow storm to deal with and should probably be in bed.

In closing, Imus does not make me sick because he has been a tiger of the same stripes forever. He referred to a Hispanic White House reporter as a 'maid' and mentioned that the Williams sisters of tennis fame would be more at home naked in a National Geographic than a Playboy... there are no surprises here. He has been a douche bag forever.

Also, have you seen the photo of Serena Williams in the see through shirt? Holy shit, she is incredibly attractive to me, and that ain't white man's guilt brother! That is my deep appreciation of the ta ta's of humanity!

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