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Saturday, April 28

It is what it is

I hate that phrase, and I hate anyone who uses it. To me, it defines where we are at in America right now. We are largely screwed due to epically poor leadership, and growing despair over a never ending war. It is what it is. That is a statement of total resignation, which makes me sad.

Maybe it isn't about the President, or war, or this never ending Winter we are having. Maybe people just suck, as I have always suspected. It is what it is. It means: aw, fuck it. Who cares anymore? I care, reader... I care! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No. Was it over when Nixon decided that "if the President does it, it isn't illegal"? No. So it isn't over now. Buck up, take some accountability, and don't ever say that phrase again.


Blogger Pookus said...

My old roommate uses that term when he can't influence someone. Apathy? Or wisdom? We can keep banging our heads against the wall or change the things we can influence instead... Regime change starts at home.

"We must cultivate our garden." - Voltaire

11:36 PM  

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